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Item: SD-160
Product Information:
Model SD-160 Purified Water Barrel Washing Machine overcomes the problem posed by difficulties in cleaning the interior wall of the 3-gallon, 5-gallon purified water barrels. The cleaning efficiency and results are significantly improved by employing internal brush for internal cleaning, exterior brush for exterior cleaning and separating the internal tank from external tank. The internal structure comes with a US patent protected electric integrated technology. the whole body is made of quality stainless steel. Features: power-saving, quick to clean, of excellent cleaning result. The barrel washing machine comes with temperature-controlling means to remove the limescale, moss on the internal wall and dirt on the external wall through the integration of heating, brushing and detergent. The purified water barrel can remain clean for a prolonged term by using this equipment. It will help maintain excellent water quality and sharpen the competitiveness of the enterprise. It's your first choice.
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